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A Valuable Connection Awaits.  

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Welcome to Black Swan Société 

We are the premier destination for the most discerning individuals seeking to make quality connections - whether through networking and/or matchmaking. At our exclusive service, we prioritize networking opportunities, ensuring elite and successful individuals find meaningful connections. Our tailored matchmaking service guarantees the highest level of personal attention and confidentiality for those seeking lasting relationships.

At Black Swan Société, we believe in providing distinct avenues for building connections tailored to your preferences. Our networking service prioritizes creating meaningful connections among like-minded individuals, while our dedicated team of expert matchmakers is committed to facilitating lifelong relationships. Whether you're seeking professional networking opportunities or a personalized matchmaking experience, we understand your unique needs and lifestyle, ensuring a rewarding journey every step of the way.

At Black Swan Société, our members can anticipate two distinct yet equally exceptional experiences tailored to their preferences. For those prioritizing professional networking, expect a highly curated and vetted platform connecting you with successful and attractive individuals. Alternatively, our matchmaking service ensures a personalized journey, handpicking connections for lasting relationships. Rest assured, discretion and confidentiality are paramount to us, with your personal information handled with the utmost care and respect.

Are you ready to be intentional with connecting with like minded people and looking to build lasting valuable relationships? Look no further than Black Swan Société! Let us help you find that special someone for commitment as well as an overall exclusive and fun experience!





Treat others as you want to be treated 

Black Swan is a private and exclusive organization for professional people of color ages  30 and up. We cultivate an environment of trust, friendship, and engagement.


Who We Are 

We symbolize many characteristics such as compassion, epiphany, fidelity, joy, love, revelation, happiness, group cooperation, tenderness, pride and wonder. The symbolism of fidelity and love holds special meaning to us since that is what we are hoping to help others experience in their lives.

Black Swan
represents mating for life.

We Provide: 

  • Connecting persons with like minds, hearts, and moral values.

  • Networking Services

  • Matchmaking Services

  • Social Activities and Events

  • Educational Activities and Events

  • Vacation Trips and Excursions

Image by Nsey Benajah
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